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  1. How do I contact you?
  2. Where can I find specific recording?
  3. Why don't you still sell 33 1/3 albums?
  4. Who is Chris Carlisle?
  5. What is a "Preservation CD"?
  6. Where are Paul and Laura Eakins?
  7. Do You Sell Wholesale?

How do I contact you?

You can call our home office at 1-800-783-6934. Just  ask for Chris Carlisle for any questions or orders. You can email using the link on the CONTACT page or the quickest way is to email Chris at  for information and ordering also.

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Where can I find a specific recording?

Just email us and I will check our archives.

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Do you still sell 33 1/3 Albums?

Unfortunately no. We had to dispose of over 10,000 Lp's this last summer due to nowhere to store the albums. We still have the original master tapes, so we haven't lost anything, and can always put the music on CD. Although we have most everything available on cassette and CD.  Although we do have one LP, "America On Parade" a Walt Disney Picture disc, still available.

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Who is Chris Carlisle?

Chris Carlisle is Paul and Laura Eakins grandson. He now handles the music business and is expanding it to include many more Compact Discs of unreleased and out of print material. Email us for a complete list.  

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What is a "Preservation CD"?

A "Preservation CD" is a compact disc that contains material that comes from unreleased material from the archives or from out of print material from years past. The CD's will come labeled in a jewel case. The unreleased material comes from the original reels on which you may here people talking in the background or in-between songs, you might even hear a restart of a song or even possibly the same song twice but recorded at a different vol. The CD's that contain the out of print material are taken from the original master tapes (unless noted) so you get the best transfer possible. We already have about 30 or so of these CD's ready to go.


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Where are Paul and Laura Eakins?

Paul and Laura Eakins have both passed away. Paul passed in 1990 and Laura passed in 2001. They spent over 50 years working to preserve mechanical music and music machines for generations to come. They are both missed very much by their family, friends and fans..

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Do you sell wholesale to businesses, museums and resellers?

Yes, we do. We require at least a $100.00 minimum order per order. Call or email us for a dealer's information package.

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