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The following links are to Web sites with information about antique mechanical music and musical machines and instruments. If you would like us to link to your site, please contact Chris with your request.

Musical Box Society International A world wide organization dedicated to the preservation of all types of mechanical musical instruments.

The Mechanical Music Digest (MMD) is a moderated forum, published daily on the Internet and distributed primarily by e-mail.

Australian Collectors of Mechanical Musical Instruments

Player Piano and Mechanical Music Exchange, the longest running marketplace for mechanical music on the Internet!

Mechantiques is the country's largest dealer in mechanical musical instruments

Melvyn Wright, the UK's leading producer of music for mechanical organs.

Miner Manufacturing Company, manufacturers and distributors of brass whistle air calliopes.

Nickelodeon, Orchestrion, Band Organ and Mechanical Music Revival

Ragtime Automated Music, close to 100 pages on this website. Allow plenty of time to down load the .wav files and view all the pages!

Dean Organs, hand made mechanical pipe organs, organ figures, perforated music plus mechanical music books

Mechanical Music Extravaganza. The "MME" is a collectibles show featuring Antique Phonos, 78s, Cylinders, Music boxes, and more!

Todd Augsburger's Roller Organ Website

Carousel Organ Association of America.  This is a wonderful resource of anyone interested in Carousel Organs. 

Society for Self-playing Musical Instruments

TIM TRAGER. COM.   For over 30 years Tim Trager has supplied Mechanical Musical Instruments to Collectors and Museums All Over the World.  Check out his website for instruments for sale and a wonderful collection of photos in his reference collection.  One of the most interesting  and educational sites for mechanical music on the net.

Miniature Carousels.Com  This is one of the neatest websites you will find on the net.  If you need a miniature wooden Wurlitzer Band Organ or hand crafted Carousel this is the place to go. They work they do is amazing. 

BAND-ORGAN.COM  This is New England Mechanical Music, which features great information on Steam Fairs and Organ Rally's. Check out this very interesting website. It has tons of features.

A. C. Pilmer Automatic Music Ltd.   A.C Pilmer has been restoring and maintaining quality mechanical musical instruments of all types for almost 30 years.

HTTP://WWW.ORGANETTEREPAIR.COM/ The name says it all. Get your organettes repaired here.






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