Wurlitzer Style 32 Concert PianOrchestra
Volumes 1 through 5
from the Hathaway Collection

Illustration of Wurlitzer Style 32 Concert PianOrchestra CD Album and Compact Disk.In 1966 I purchased an unrestored Wurlitzer style 32 Concert PianOrchestra that was originally sold (circa 1908-10) by the Hoeffler Music Company, a Wurlitzer distributor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to a beer garden in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The PianOrchestra standing just over 11 feet high boasted a large piano, a set of orchestra bells, bass drum with cymbal, Chinese crash cymbal, snare drum, kettle drum, tambourine, triangle, castanets and 314 speaking pipes representing the musical tones of violin, viola, violoncello, bass viol, gamba, flute, piccolo, oboe, saxophone and French horn. In 1968, shortly after restoration was completed, and all the final regulation and tuning touches had been applied, I recorded much of my extensive collection of Concert PianOrchestra rolls on audio tape. Thus, the five CD's offered below offer a wide selection of tunes typifying Wurlitzer Concert PianOrchestra music from circa 1908 through the mid 1920s.

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To create the compact discs, the audio signal from the original analog stereo tapes was digitized and then processed using professional audio restoration software, eliminating any tape hiss and impulse noise (tics and pops) generated due to tape imperfections or deterioration. Finally a slight degree of equalization was applied to compensate for minor tape roll-off in the treble frequencies, enriching the overall tonal qualities of the recording. It is an understatement to say that a great deal of time and effort went into research and experimentation before any actual processing of the original audio material was attempted. This attention to minute detail insured that the newly digitized audio signal captured as much of the original excitement and sonic detail of the beautifully restored Concert PianOrchestra as was humanly possible. Thus, except for occasional minor imperfections due to tape damage or deterioration, the audio quality is exceptionally full bodied and clean.


Wurlitzer Style 32 Concert PianOrchestra
WUR-CP32-V1 (Volume I)
36 Tracks -- Total Time: 68:56


WUR-CP32-V2 (Volume II)
32 Tracks -- Total Time: 65:43


1.Indian Girl, Patrol1.Oh That Navajo Rag
2.Floating Down The River2.Kiss Your Sailor Boy Goodbye
3.Where Did You Get That Girl3.Strongheart -- from "The Passing Show of 1913," Two-Step
4.Ragging The Nursery Rhymes, Two-Step4.Mrs. Sippi (You�re A Grand Old Girl)
5.The Good Ship Mary Ann, Two-Step5.Unknown
6.Unknown6.America I Love You, Two-Step
7.Stars and Stripes Forever, March7.Unknown
8.Close To My Heart, One-Step8.Unknown
9.I Sent My Wife To The Thousand Isles9.Mammy's Little Coal Black Rose
10.The American Red Cross, March10.The Battle Line Of Victory, March
11.Mary, Fox Trot11.Solid Men To The Front, March
12.Tears Of Love, Fox Trot12.Take Me To That Land Of Jazz, Fox Trot
13.How Ya Gonna Keep em Down On The Farm (After They've Seen Paree), One-Step13.The Wang Wang Blues, Fox Trot
14.And That Ain't All14.Emaline, Fox Trot
15.Indian Blues, One-Step15.Mon Homme (My Man), Fox Trot
16.Shadows, Waltz Song16.My Daddy, Fox Trot
17.Cairo, Fox Trot17.Sweet Lady -- from "Tangerine," Fox Trot
18.Whoa January, One Step18.Oh Mr. Gallagher, And Mr. Shean, One-Step
19.Ive Got My Captain Working For Me Now, One Step19.Dancing Fool, Fox Trot
20.Gloryland, March20.Nobody Lied (When They Said That I Cried About You), Fox Trot
21.For All And Forever, March21.I'm Just Wild About Harry, Fox Trot
22.Vamping Rose, Fox Trot22.Struttin/ at the Strutters Ball, Fox Trot
23.Sweetheart, Fox Trot23.On A Windy Day, Way Down In Waikiki, Fox Trot
24.Mandy 'N' Me, Fox Trot24.Stepping In Society
25.Melon Time in Dixieland, One-Step25.Let's Talk About My Sweetie, Fox Trot
26.Chicago (That Toddlin' Town), Fox Trot26.Gypsyland, Fox Trot
27.Unknown27.Moonlight On The Ganges, Fox Trot
28.Don't Cry Swanee, Fox Trot, from "Bombo"28.Don't Say Aloha, When I Go, Fox Trot
29.You Left The Door Wide Open (And Someone Else Walked Right In)29.My Blue Heaven, Fox Trot
30.Unknown30.Down Where The Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows
31.My Sweetie Went Away (She Didn't Say Where, or When)31.Me And The Man In The Moon, Fox Trot
32.I�ve Found A New Baby, Fox Trot32.William Tell Overture
33.Moonlight In Mandalay, Fox Trot  
34.Dawning, Fox Trot  
35.Annabel Lee  
36.A Precious Little Thing Called Love, Fox Trot  


Wurlitzer Style 32 Concert PianOrchestra
WUR-CP32-V3 (Volume III)
40 Tracks -- Total Time: 70:12
WUR-CP32-V4 (Volume IV)
40 Tracks -- Total Time: 71:26
1.Big Pow Wow, Intermezzo1.My Hula Hula Love, Indian Two-Step
2.Valley Flower, Intermezzo Two-Step2.Oh You Lovable Chile
3.The Pullman Porters On Parade3.My Irish Romeo -- from "The Passing Show of 1913," Two-Step
4.Whistling Cowboy Joe -- from "The Passing Show of 1913," Two-Step4.Floradora Slide -- from "The Passing Show of 1913," Two-Step
5.Unknown5.He Ran Up Stairs (Took A Look) And Ran Right Down Again, Two-Step
6.My Little Girl6.I Want A Ragtime Bungalow, Two-Step
7.The Diplomat, March7.Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm, Schottische
8.When Old Bill Bailey Plays The Ukulele, One-Step8.Unknown
9.Unknown9.Unknown (Solo Roll)
10.Unknown10.Unknown (Solo Roll)
11.Unknown11.Liberty Bell, March
12.Allied Victory, March12.That Soothing Symphony, Fox Trot
13.Spirit Of France, March13.Unknown
14.Girl Of Mine, Fox Trot14.Unknown
15.Mello Cello, Waltz15.Unknown
16.The Last Waltz, from "The Last Waltz"16.The Anchor And Star, March
17,Sal-O-May, Fox Trot17,Good-bye France (You'll Never Be Forgotten By The USA), One-Step
18.Cho Cho San, Fox Trot18.League Of Nations, March
19.Down On Avenue A, Waltz19.Moonlight On The Nile, Fox Trot
20.Kindness, Fox Trot20.And He'd Say Oo-La! La! Wee-Wee, One-Step
21.Who'll Take My Place When I'm Gone, Fox Trot21.Pretty Little Rainbow, Waltz
22.Tricks, Fox Trot22.Comrades Of The Legion, March
23.For The Sake Of Auld Lang Syne, Waltz23.Tomorrow Land, Waltz
24.Unknown24.Time After Time, Waltz
25.Unknown25.Bamboo Bay, Fox Trot
26.Yes We Have No Bananas, Fox Trot26.Say It While Dancing, Fox Trot
27.March Of The Mannikins, Fox Trot27.Unknown
28.Unknown28.Hula Lou, Fox Trot
29.Electric Girl29.Sighing Sands, Hawaiian Waltz
30.Steppin' Out, Fox Trot30.Save Your Sorrow For To-morrow, Fox Trot
31.Watchin' The Moon Rise, Fox Trot31.Footloose, Fox Trot
32.Mama Kicki, Papa Wacki, Fox Trot32.Together We Two, Fox Trot
33.Honolulu Rose, Waltz33.She's Still My Baby, Fox Trot
34.Unknown34.Ain't That A Grand And Glorious Feeling
35.(Gimme A Little Kiss) Will "Ya"? Huh?, Fox Trot35.Unknown
36.Because I Love You, Waltz36.Is It Possible
37.That Night In Araby, Fox Trot37.She's A Great, Great Girl
38.The Hours I Spent With You, Waltz38.Ramona, Waltz
39.There Must Be A Silver Lining39.Wedding Bells, Fox Trot
40.Henry's Made A Lady Out Of Lizzie40.Carolina Moon, Waltz


Wurlitzer Style 32 Concert PianOrchestra
WUR-CP32-V5 (Volume V)
39 Tracks -- Total Time: 71:49
1. Let's All Go Around To Mary Ann's, Two-Step
2. Unknown
3. Unknown (Solo Roll)
4. Fairest Of The Fair, March
5. El Capitan, March
6. There's A Little Lane Without A Turning On The Way To Home Sweet Home, One-Step
7. Loading Up The Mandy Lee, One-Step
8. When It's Orange Blossom Time In Loveland
9. Unknown
10. Unknown
11. Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag
12. Repasz Band, March
13. Pickaninny Dreams, Waltz
14. That Tumble Down Shack in Athlone, Waltz
15. I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles, Waltz
16. Poor Little Butterfly Is A Fly Gal Now, Fox Trot
17, The Gallant Hero, March
18. Sleepy Head, Waltz
19. My Carolina Rose, Waltz
20. Sunny South Sea Isles -- from "Geo. White's Scandals of 1920," Fox Trot
21. While Miami Dreams, Fox Trot
22. When Bhudda Smiles, Fox Trot
23. Down Old Virginia Way, Waltz
24. The Chimes Of Liberty, March Song
25. Unknown
26. Swingin' Down The Lane, Fox Trot
27. Good Night, Waltz
28. Eileen, Fox Trot
29. Arizona Stars, Waltz
30. Ha Ha Hawaiian Blues, Fox Trot
31. Unknown
32. How Many Times, Slow Blues, Fox Trot
33. Sweet Stranger, Fox Trot
34. Unknown
35. Keep Sweeping The Cobwebs Off The Moon
36. Who Wouldn't Be Blue?, Fox Trot
37. It's Awful (I Mean It's Awfully Nice)
38. Mary Ann, Fox Trot
39. If I Had You, Fox Trot


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