Hupfeld Model 19 Sinfonie-Jazz-Orchester

Hupfeld Model 19 Sinfonie Jazz Orchester Archive CD -- $10.00

About These Archive CD Recordings
Session 1: Recorded June 5, 1995 by Ron Cappel
Session 2: Recorded September 16, 2000 by Ron Cappel

Interior view of a Hupfeld Model 19 Sinfonie - Jazz - Orchester.The Hupfeld Sinfonie Jazz Orchester (Symphony Jazz Orchestra) featured on this audio compact disc is a late style orchestrion, specifically designed to play music of a "jazz band" styling that was popular in the 1920's. As you will hear, the Sinfonie Jazz Orchester possesses a very distinctive and characteristic sound, unlike any other automatic musical instrument ever built. People either tend to fall in love with it or dislike the music altogether, preferring instead the mechanical sound and cadence of most older style orchestrions. However, if you enjoy music with a more modern and distinctive Jazz Band flair, imbued with a more "human" sense of rhythm and touch, the Sinfonie Jazz will probably be one you will like and listen to over and over again.

Only three examples of the model 19 are known to survive today. Instrumentation consists of piano, mandolin attachment, saxophone pipes, lotus flute pipes, tubular bells, snare drum, bass drum, kettle drum effect, ride cymbal, crash cymbal, triangle and wood block. Various degrees and kinds of expression are provided, including expression and damping devices for trapwork instrumentation, too. The music rolls are of the Hupfeld Animatic type, with rolls specifically arranged for the Sinfonie Jazz Orchester bearing the letters "SJ" prefixed to the music roll number. The selection of music is a mix of popular tunes from the 1920s, each of which clearly demonstrate the musical dexterity and temperament of the Hupfeld Sinfonie Jazz Orchester.

The first four tunes on this CD come from an original monophonic cassette tape recording made by Ron Cappel on June 5, 1995, soon after he had completed the restoration and final regulation on the instrument. After the analog tape's audio signal was digitized, it was processed for removal of tape hiss and low level rumble and background noise. The remaining selections on this CD (tunes 5 through 22) were recorded on September 16, 2000, by Ron Cappel during a service related visit to the Gilson collection. This later recording made on MiniDisk needed no noise removal processing, due to its superb audio fidelity. However, not all of the tunes on the original CD were re-recorded. This meant using four tunes from the older monophonic tape cassette along with the newer MiniDisk recorded music, so that all currently recorded Sinfonie Jazz selections were conveniently available on a single Archive CD.

Hupfeld Model 19 Sinfonie-Jazz-Orchester
22 Tracks -- Total Time: 57:59
From June, 1995 Tape Recording Session
1. Lassmich Dein (Tango) -- 1995 recording
2. Dein Muno (Tango) -- 1995 recording
3. Amerikan Skizze -- 1995 recording
4. Romany Love -- 1995 recording
From Sept, 2000 MiniDisk Recording Session
5. Rose Marie
6. Oh' Mo'nah
7. In Paris
8. Blue Skies
9. Amazulu
10. Berliner Kreuzpolka
11. Lonesome and Sorry
12. Do The Black Bottom With me
13. The Doll Dance
14. Oh, Fraulein Greta
15. Sag' Du, Sag Du Zu Mir
16. Bimbambula
17. Heut Tanzt Mariette
18. Ich Kusse Jhre Hand Madame
19. Ich Fahr' mit Meiner Klara
20. Fur einen Fliederstrauss
21. That's My Weakness Now
22. Heut' Nacht Hab' Ich

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       "BIM BAM BULA"

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