Popper Welt Piano Style "O"
from the Yaffe Collection

                              Popper Welt Piano Style "O" Archive CD -- $10.00

Exterior view of the Popper Welt Piano Style "O" orchestrion.Interior view of the Popper Welt Piano Style "O" orchestrion. Not many automatic music enthusiasts have ever had the opportunity to hear a Popper orchestrion, because they are scarce, and much more rare is an impeccably restored one. The Popper Welt (World) Piano Style "O" featured on this CD is a beautiful example. All of the various Popper Welt Pianos styles had as their foundation a basic upright piano, with the usual mandolin attachment. Then, all sorts of decorative and/or functional top pieces could be added, which literally offered the customer the opportunity to design and build their own special looking and sounding instrument. Many of the off-the-shelf options offered in the Popper catalogue were nothing more than decorative enhancements, such as ornate crests with beveled mirrors. But elaborate animated scenes using lighting effects, were available, too, along with top sitters the had added benefit of additional musical instrumentation.

The Welt Piano Style "O" heard on this CD was amongst the most elaborate and musically extensive Welt Piano offered, and features elaborate lighting and animated scenic effects, as well as being an orchestrion of merit. The musical instrumentation is built around a basic keyboard style piano, with mandolin attachment. Other musical components are installed in a large, decorative cabinet mounted on top of the upright piano. Located inside this enclosure is a rank of violin / violoncello pipes, a xylophone, bells, triangle, snare drum (with loud and soft stroke), bass drum with tympani effect and a cymbal (with crash and soft effects). It is a splendid example of a Popper keyboard style orchestrion.

The high quality Minidisk recording used to master this CD was made by Ron Cappel on September 8, 1999, soon after the beautifully restored Popper was delivered to its happy owner. Due to the exceptional quality of the original recording no processing of the audio signal was necessary or appropriate, providing a very lifelike rendition of the actual instrument. The musical selections played on this exceptionally well restored and regulated little orchestrion range from the popular hits of the day to the classics, all of which are rendered with cheerful ease.


Photographs: Ron Cappel
Popper Logo: Brian Smith.

Popper Welt Piano Style "O"
16 Tracks -- Total Time: 62:02

1.Fantasie aus Tell
2.Soiree d'Ete
3.Marie, Marie
4.Drei Musketiere
5.Schoner Gigolo
6.Bluetrote Rosen
7.Singin' In The Rain
8.Claveles Sevillanas
9.Popper Opera
10.Tr�ume Sind Zarte Bl�tch
11.Bummel - Step
12.Wenn im Werder die Kirschen
13. Ich Kosse Ihre Hand
14.Cavallerie Rusticana
15.Ouverture, "Martha"
16. Villany - Czardas

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