Wurlitzer Style 30A Mandolin PianOrchestra


The imposing Wurlitzer style 30A Mandolin PianOrchestra featured on this CD as it looks today.About 1931 the Wurlitzer style 30A Mandolin PianOrchestra featured on this Archive CD was discovered in the fancy parlor of Laura Evans' bordello, located just down the street from the Salida, Colorado, train station. Laura's place of business was actually made up of two separate buildings, the main house (where the PianOrchestra was situated) and a smaller building located directly across the street and that contained individual "cribs" (little rooms with a bed), where some of the "gentlemen" patrons enjoyed their romp with a favorite gal. By the mid to late 1920's the PianOrchestra apparently needed some repairs, but since such services were no longer available, as the machine was considered obsolete, the giant PianOrchestra sat idle. When the instrument was discovered by the late Orville Cooper (of Long Beach, California) it was no longer in use. Exactly how and why Orville stumbled across the then silent PianOrchestra is quite unknown, but is probably an interesting story in itself. Whatever the case, Orville did manage to buy the PianOrchestra from the reportedly sassy and often obstinate Laura, and, in due time, had it hauled to California. The instrument was in pristine condition, except for the bass and snare drums, which Laura reportedly had given to some local boy Scouts, who apparently were good friends of one of Colorado's most famous madams!

The style 30A PianOrchestra was rebuilt by Terry Hathaway circa 1971-1972, with refurbishment beginning soon after purchasing the instrument. Recently the 30A PianOrchestra became part of the Gilson collection, and Ron Cappel was commissioned to make whatever repairs might be necessary. This included rebuilding the main chest, as it still had the original Philipps leather valves in it, as well as perform other minor repair work as thought to be prudent. Then, just before loading the PianOrchestra into a truck for delivery to its new home, Ron Cappel recorded the PianOrchestra on MiniDisk. However, even though the instrument is basically in top playing condition, there are a few piano dampers that were yet to be properly adjusted, permitting a few piano notes to "hang on" at the end of some tunes, providing a trailing discordance that I dislike. Yet, on the whole, these tunes are otherwise fine, and well worth having available for everyone's listening enjoyment, even with the aforementioned little flaw.

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The selection of music consists of popular tunes from Wurlitzer Mandolin PianOrchestra music rolls, and encompasses selections from approximately 1910 to the mid 1920's. For both compact discs (WUR-MP30A-D2 and WUR-MP30A-D3), the tunes progress from the earlier Wurlitzer arrangements (on red paper rolls) up through the mid teens (on white and buff paper) and ending with the mid 1920's (on the very durable green paper rolls). This range of one and one-half decades of musical styling gives the listener a wonderful sense of how popular music evolved during the heyday of the PianOrchestra, and for automatic music machines in general.

Wurlitzer Style 30A Mandolin PianOrchestra
34 Tracks -- Total Time: 73:15

39 Tracks -- Total Time: 74:17

1.Yip-I-Addy-I-Ay, Waltz1.She Is Ma Daisy, Two-Step
2.By The Light of the Silvery Moon, Two-Step2.The Chocolate Soldier, Waltzes
3.I Love A Lassie, Two-Step3.Come and Kiss Your Little Baby
4.Chicken Reel, Two-Step and Buck Dance4.You Got To Rag It
5.Oceana Roll, Rag5.The Tennessee Blues
6.When You Kiss An Italian Girl, Rag Schottische6.Teasing The Cat
7.Texas Tommy Swing, Rag7.Encore Rag
8.When I'm Alone I'm Lonesome, Schottische8.The German Blues (It's Neutral)
9.Indian Girl, Patrol9.Imperial Rag (An Easy Riding Rag)
10.Oh That Navajo Rag10.Good-bye Broadway, Hello France, One-Step
11.My Hula Hula Love, Indian Two-Step11.Laddie Boy, One-Step
12.Big Pow Wow, Intermezzo12.Long Boy, One-Step
13.Valley Flower, Intermezzo Two-Step13.Russian Rag
14.That Baseball Rag14.Full O' Pep, Rag One-Step
15.To Have, To Hold, To Love15.Tricks, Fox Trot
16.Delirium Tremens, Rag16.My Buddy, Waltz
17.Them Doggon'd Triflin' Blues17.The Chimes of Liberty, March
18.Blue Monday18.Romany Love, Fox Trot
19.San Francisco Blues19.Martha, Fox Trot
20.It Takes A Tall, Brown Skin Gal20.Cradle Of Gold, Waltz
21.All the World Will Be Jealous of Me, Waltz21.Tomorrow Morning, Fox Trot
22.Hi-Yeller, Rag Fox Trot22.He Loves It, Fox Trot
23.Razzle-Dazzle, Rag One-Step23.Toot Toot Tootsie (Goo' Bye), Fox Trot
24.Most Anyithing, Rag One-Step24.Call Me Back Pal Of Mine, Waltz
25.Wang Wang Blues, Medley Fox Trot25.The Yankee Doodle Blues, Fox Trot
26.Emaline, Medley Fox Trot26.Cow Bells, Fox Trot
27.I'm Always Stuttering, Fox Trot27.Lovin' Sam, The Shiek Of Alabam', Fox Trot
28.When Mammy Sings a Southern Lullaby, Fox Trot28.Lost (A Wonderful Girl), Fox Trot
29.Open Up Your Arms My Alabamy, Fox Trot29.A Picture Without A Frame, Fox Trot
30.Fate (It Was Fate When I First Met You), Fox Trot30.Lady Of The Evening, Fox Trot, from "Music Box Revue"
31.Georgia Cabin Door, Fox Trot31.Fuzzy Wuzzy Bird, Fox Trot
32.You've Got to See Mama Every Night (Or You Can't See Mama at All), Fox Trot32.The Lovelight In Your Eyes, Fox Trot
33.After Every Party, Waltz33.One Night In June, Fox Trot
34.Dearest (You're The Nearest to My Heart), Fox Trot34.The Thief, Fox Trot
  35.Dew Dew Dewey Day
  36.It All Depends On You
  37.Me And My Shadow
  38.Under The Moon
  39.Sam the Old Accordion Man


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                                           WURLITZER STYLE 30-A MANDOLIN PIANORCHESTRA

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