Wurlitzer Style 33 Mandolin PianOrchestra


The fancy Wurlitzer style 33 PianOrchestra featured on this audio compact disc is probably the earliest Wurlitzer Mandolin PianOrchestra known to survive. When I first laid eyes on this particular PianOrchestra, sitting derelict and abused in an old movie sound stage, it was in wretched condition, with parts missing and the casework dingy due to the accumulation of many years worth of dirt and grime. But all that has been wonderfully changed, with the completion of the restoration by Tim Westman in May of 1999, and the instrument is now not only visually spectacular, but it is also musically happy once again, too. When the music plays, numerous tiny light-bulbs softly illuminate the casework, which is adorned with shinny brass trimmings that  accent the warm oak colored wood. All this, while a "Fancy-Lamp" (known as a "Wonderlamp" using Wurlitzer terminology) above the center niche dazzles listeners with its brilliant turn-of-the-last-century light show. Compared with other PianOrchestras, this specimen is a medium sized instrument, with three ranks of pipes, each of which are individually brought into play by special register controls.

Click here for pictures and additional historical details about this instrument.

The original 1/4 inch stereo tape used as the audio source for this CD was recorded by Tim Westman on May 16, 1999. Once the audio signal was digitized, it was processed for tape hiss removal and background noise elimination, producing a crisp and clear PianOrchestra listening experience. The selection of music is mainly popular tunes from the teens and twenties, with a few march favorites for variety.

Wurlitzer Style 33 Mandolin PianOrchestra
37 Tracks -- Total Time: 72:49

1.The Great Desire March
3.Mounted Police March
4.Rainy Day Sue
5.Over There
6.I'll Be In My Dixie Home Again Tomorrow
7.Cuddle Up
8.The Top Liner
9.One Fine Day
10.Liberty Loan March
11.Please Don't Take My Harem Away
12.Jazz Baby
14.Sliding Sid
15.Bye, Bye Blues
16.What 'Ya Gonna Do When There Ain't No Jazz
18.Oriental Maidens
19.Waiting For The Robert E. Lee
20. Leave Me With A Smile
21.Ten Little Fingers, and Ten Little Toes
22.Call Me Back, Pal Of Mine, Waltz
23.The Yankee Doodle Blues
24.All Alone
26.You're Some Pretty Doll
27.How 'Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm
28.Why Dear
29.By The Sapphire Sea
31.I Hope It Doesn't Rain On Sunday
32.Oh, You Beautiful Doll
33.Ballin' The Jack
34.In Berry Pickin' Time
35.Minnie, Shimmie For Me
36.Everybody Shimmies Now
37.Those Star Spangled Nights in Dixieland

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