Wurlitzer Organette (Style YW Orchestra)


Interior view of the Wurlitzer style YW OrganetteThe Wurlitzer style YW Organette featured on this CD is one of two shipped in 1927 that were equipped to play standard player-piano music rolls (the Y prefix designates a player-piano roll case). The Wurlitzer Organette (Style YW Orchestra) is similar in appearance and musical capabilities to the Reproduco, another small keyboard piano based organ built by the Operators Piano Company of Chicago. That the style YW uses player-piano rolls can be seen as a plus, because the instrument is not limited to the rather bland funeral music that was standard fare for most of the organette type machines. When the tape of this Organette arrived I set it aside, mistakenly judging it as uninteresting, not realizing the musical treat that awaited me. The music rendered by the player piano rolls is full bodied and charming, and the Organette, with its beautiful family of flute toned pipework, delivers toe tapping harmonies that are delightful, and that provide highly enjoyable background music for nearly any kind of cheerful occasion.

The tape recording used to create this CD was made by Tim Westman circa 1969. The organette was located in Tim Westman's restoration shop, with the small blower that supplied vacuum and wind-pressure sitting nearby. Once the signal was digitized, a moderate amount of signal noise processing was applied to eliminate tape hiss and the background blower noise. The Organette features a full piano, with mandolin attachment, two ranks of pipes (a rank of open wooden flutes and a rank of metal quintadena pipes) located under the piano keybed and enclosed by a set of swell shutters, and a rank of large stopped wooden flutes that are external to the piano casework. This external rank sits on the floor behind the instrument.

The musical selections on this CD are of happy player piano melodies popular during the 1920's and onward. Expression and the control of pipe registers was accomplished manually by Tim Westman.

Wurlitzer Organette (Style YW Orchestra)
24 Tracks -- Total Time: 73:48

1.Melrose Rag
2.Going Up Selections
3.The Girl Friend Selections
5.Society Craze
6.Wedding of the Painted Doll
7.Brown Skin
8.A-Topper Medley
9.West Texas Blues
10.There's Everything Nice About You
11.Medley - Smiles; Whispering; Japanese Sandman; Margie; Avalon
12.It All Depends On You
13.Those Dixie Eyes of Southern Grey
14.Baby Your Mother
15.Medley - Oh You Beautiful Doll; I'm Just Wild About Harry; You Made Me Love You
16.Limehouse Blues
17.Oh, Lady, Be Good
18.The Doll Dance
19.I'll See You In My Dreams
20.Why Should I Cry Over You
21.All By Myself
22.What Could Be Sweeter
23.Sweetness Rag
24.Oh Gosh, Oh Gee, Oh Golly

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