Wurlitzer Style 33-A Mandolin PianOrchestra
from the Hanulec / Kehoe Collection


About This  Recording

The Wurlitzer style 33A PianOrchestra featured on this audio compact disc has a rich American history that began sometime around 1910/11, with the instrument eventually located either in Brooklyn, New York, or the Coney Island area. It is the only style 33A PianOrchestra known to survive, and is unique amongst PianOrchestras in that the mirrored center niche of this imposing style supports a gilded birdcage containing two beautiful mechanical birds, each of which sing and flap their wings when the music roll is rewinding. As far as PianOrchestras go, this one is a medium sized instrument, with three ranks of pipes, each of which are individually brought into play by special register controls.

Click here for pictures and additional historical details about this instrument.

The original stereo cassette tape used for this CD was made by Joe Hanulec on May 23, 1997. After the audio signal was digitized, it was further processed for tape hiss removal and balancing of the left and right channels. The PianOrchestra, located in the music room of the Hanulec residence, was restored by Walter Kehoe and Joe Hanulec as a joint project. The selection of music is mostly popular and march favorites of the teens and twenties. The first three selections are Philipps arrangements, while all others are by Wurlitzer.


Wurlitzer Style 33A Mandolin PianOrchestra
31 Tracks -- Total Time: 72:49

1. Entry of the Gladiators (Philipps arrangement)
2. Man Steigt Nach!, Tanzlied (Philipps arrangement)
3. Xylophone Solo (Philipps arrangement)
4. The Diplomat, March
5. unknown (roll #817, tune #2)
6. On The Riviera Rag
7. Sunflower Rag
8. Our Director, March & Two Step
9. Bullets And Bayonets, March
10. Fairest of the Fair, March
11. Dardenella
12. Swanee
13. All the Quakers Are Shoulder Shakers
14. Jelly Roll Blues
15. unknown (roll #817, tune #5)
16. Spring-time Rag
17. That Trombone Slide Rag
18. Monkey Rag
19. Liberty Bell March
20. Washington Post, March
21. Repazz Band, March
22. Sabres And Spurs, March
23. She Is Ma Daisy
24. Yip-I-Addy-I-Ay
25. By the Light of the Silvery Moon
26. The Chocolate Soldier
27. I Love A Lassie
28. Shine On Harvest Moon
29. Let Me Call You Sweetheart
30. Five Foot Two
31. Beer Barrel Polka



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