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Here is one of our earliest recordings made. We originally recorded this for  the HORNS CARS OF YESTERDAY Museum down in Sarasota, Florida. This recording takes you through the tour of the museum showcasing music boxes, band organs, nickelodeons, mechanical birds, automatic violins, tournaphone and many, many more. 


Track 1 "A TOUR THROUGH THE MUSIC BOX ARCADE" traces the development of the music boxes through the years right up to the hey-day of the phonograph.

Track 2 "MUSIC OF THE ROARING TWENTIES" presents the machines that were used to attract and hold crowds of people.  Some were called Nickelodeons and were found in saloons, restaurants and hotel lobbies.  Others supplied music for the skating rinks, theatres, circuses, political rallies, sporting events and other outdoor attractions of the period.


Instruments on this compact disc: Player Piano, Musical Clock, 1888 Swiss Music Box, Musical Fruit Plate, Beer Stein, Whistler, Imperial Symphonion, Regina Automatic music box, Bell Regina music box, New Century Music box, Symphonium music box, Mira music box, Mechanical birds, Hurdy Gurdy, Una Fon, Violano Virtuoso, Seeburg KT Eagle, Tournaphone, Automatic Pipe Organ, Reproduco piano organ, Calliola, and Seeburg KT Special.  


Listen to a sample of the Roaring Twenties!

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