This WurliTzer Model CX “Mechanical Jazz Orchestra” combines a piano with a mandolin attachment, 38 Violin organ pipes, 38 flute pipes, bass and snare drums, cymbal, triangle and 16 bells! All played automatically by a paper music roll.

Only $14.98


1. Smiles
2. Waitin for the Sun to come Out
3. Honolou
4. Rattlesnake Rag
5. Moonlight and You
6. Come to Me My Melancholy Baby
7. Will You Remember?
8. Whispering
9. Paul Revere
10. Livery Stable Blues
11. Seal It With a Kiss
12. Oh By Jingo Oh By Gee
13. Hold Me
14. Scarecrow Rag
15. Some Beautiful Morning
16. American Crusaders
17. Chinese Blues
18. Japanese Sandman
19. Twelfth Street Rag
20. Every Morning She Makes Me Late
21. Feather Your Nest
22. Polly
23. Fort Worth Blues
24. The Road to Paradise
25. Cuddles



"Kentucky Blues"





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