This WurliTzer Model CX ďMechanical Jazz OrchestraĒ combines a piano with a mandolin attachment, 38 Violin organ pipes, 38 flute pipes, bass and snare drums, cymbal, triangle and 16 bells! All played automatically by a paper music roll.

Only $7.50


1. Patsy
2. Chinatown My Chinatown
3. Chromatic Rag
4. Iím Forever Blowing Bubbles
5. Broadway Blues
6. Prosperity Rag
7. Razz Berries
8. Jinx Rag
9. Old Kentucky Blue
10. Kansas City Blues
11. After Youíve Gone
12. Iíll See You in C-U-B-A
13. In My Dreams of Waikiki
14. Dardanella
15. Georgia Grind
16. Girl of My Dreams
17. College Life
18. Gimme This Gimme This Gimme That
19. Hereís My Boy
20. Mamaís Blues
21. Miserable Rag
22. Hunky Dory
23. Imperial March
24. Iíve Got a Remedy to Cure the Blues
25. Karavan
26. Johnnyís In Town
27. Lonesome Lou
28. Hesitation Blues



"Kentucky Blues"


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