Wurlitzer Carousel Organ Varieties Vol. 3




1. That's Our Destiny
2. Wings of Gold
3. One-step (unidentified)
4. All Boys Love Mary
5. Army Air Corps
6. Wake Up Virginia, And Prepare For Your Wedding Day
7. I'm Going To Be A Soldier And Fight For My Uncle Sam
8. While They Were Dancing Around
9. Kathlyn
10. Daddy, You've Been A Mother To Me
11. The Waltz We Love
12. The Charlatan
13. High School Cadets
14. Semper Paratus
15. The Woman of the Year
16. On The Land, On The Sea, In The Air
17. You made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It)
18. Me And The Boyfriend
19. There's Something About A Soldier
20. Whispering
21. Boo-Hoo
22. Step Up and Shake My Hand
23. Dark Town Strutters Ball



"Circus Life"



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