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Look at The Queen of Kings Island

The Queen of Kings Island is a magnificent Wurlitzer Duplex Orchestral Organ Style #157. It was originally used on a carousel at Ocean Grove, New Jersey. It was purchased in 1964 by Paul Eakins and completely restored. Playing #165 Wurlitzer rolls, it has a double tracker system, furnishing continuous music. When one roll finishes playing, the other starts and the first one rewinds.

The beautiful light cream front is heavily carved and the panels and shutter screens are painted with landscape scenes. The newel posts are painted to resemble marble columns.

The following instruments are played: Bass - 6 wood trombones; 6 stopped diapason pipes; 6 stopped octave daipason pipes. Accompaniments - 10 stopped flute pipes; 10 open flute pipes; 10 open piccolo pipes; 10 open piccolo pipes. Melody - 44 violin pipes; 22 octave pipes; 22 piccolo pipes; 22 open flute pipes; 22 stopped flute pipes; 16 bar bells. Trumpets - 14 wood trumpets; 14 wood clarinets. Traps - bass drum; snare drum; cymbal; triangle; double castanets; tympani. Automatic stops - 1 for bells; 1 for swell and wood trombones. Draw stops - 1 for wood trombones; 1 for wood trumpets; 1 for violins; 1 for flutes; 1 for piccolos.The Queen of Kings Island stands nearly 8 feet tall, over 12 feet wide and nearly 4 feet deep. Songs include:

1. My Little Bimbo
2. Hiawatha's Melody of Love
3. The Jolly Cobbler March
4. Down the Trail to Home Sweet Home
5. Stop It
6. Rio Grande
7. I'm In Heaven When I'm In my Mother's Arms
8. Ask The Rose
9. American Pep Song
10. Come Back to Me
11. Helena Polka
12. Toofat Polka
13. Hop Scotch Polka
14. Metro Polka
15. Beer Barrel Polka
16. Leichtensteiner Polka
17. Royal Trumpeters
18. Light Out
19. Ben Hur Chariot Race
20. Liberty Bell
21. Sharp Shooters
22. American Patrol

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