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    Paul Eakins and Ozzie Wurdeman, March 1957, in Paul's workshop.

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   Paul standing in front of his Million Dollar Museum, part of the Gay 90' Village.    


 Paul Eakins in front of the "Eakins Special"

Paul Eakins in front of the Sadie Mae carousel organ with books of music.

Rodeo stars, including Clint Eastwood,  enjoying a meal at the War Drum restaurant which was located in the Gay 90's Village.

 Paul Eakins standing in front of The Indian Trading Post, the Million Dollar Museum, and the rest of the enterprises in The Gay 90's Village.


  Paul Eakins with his Mortier Dance Organ "The Emperor" on the Charlotte Peters Show in St. Louis, in the mid 1960's.


Paul and Laura Eakins at the 1965 MidSouth Fair in Memphis, Tennessee.

 Paul and Laura Eakins with Mr. and Mrs. Walt Bellm at the opening of the Melody Museum in 1966.

 Paul Eakins and Gary Moore on "I've Got A Secret" from August 1960.

James Arness "Marshall Dillon" from Gunsmoke visits in 1958.

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This is a nice view of the Gay 90's Village during the annual Rodeo week.

Here is Paul Eakins recording his Mills Double Violano Virtuoso

Here is a nice view of Paul Eakins in his roll room.

Paul and Laura and their famous Checker Cab.

Paul Eakins visiting with a friend. A Nelson Wiggen 6, arcade machine and Al Capone's Cadillace is also shown.

Vic Sturkin visits Paul and Laura.

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 Paul in the early 1960's in New York City, along with The Eakins Special.

Paul and his wife Laura, sitting in front of the "The Emperor",  a beautiful  Mortier Dance Organ.

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Here is a view from the arcade section of the fair show.


Doc, Kitty and Chester from "Gunsmoke" visting the Gay 90's Village.

Here is a wonderful view of Big Bertha.

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This is a great image of Sadie Mae at the Midsouth Fair


Paul and the only remaining original Sextrola


This is an early brocure for the Gay 90's Village

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gay90sbrocure1.jpg (150470 bytes)

Here is a rare view of the inside of the front of the Gay 90's Village.  This image was scanned from old newspaper story.

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Here is a nice photo of Paul and Laura behind the Emperor with the music books showing.


Here is probably the last picture of Paul with his last remaining  organ, a beautiful Wurlitzer 104 named "Hotlips Hoolihan". Picture taken by Ron Bopp in 1987. (UPDATE)  I have bought this organ back in DECEMBER of 2010.

paulhotlips.jpg (53574 bytes)

Al Capone's V16 Cadillac with a Wurlitzer Caliola in the background on the left and on the right a huge wall of book music.

Below is an original Gay 90's Village brochure

Paul Eakins talking to visitors at his appearance at the Mid South Fair in Memphis.


Paul Eakins working on pipes from "Big Bertha"

An original Melody Museum brochure (Front)


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