These first three short interviews are from 1963. Two are taken from TV shows Paul Eakins appeared on during a trip to New York City and one is taken from WBBM radio in Chicago. 

The first interview is taken from the program "THE JEWISH HOME SHOW" 

The second interview is from the program "LEAVE IT TO THE GIRLS"

And the third is a radio interview from WBBM radio in Chicago.

Jack Wagner, longtime Disneyland and Disneyworld announcer, discusses how they are going to use the Sadie Mae Band Organ music for the America on Parade soundtrack.



This is a wonderful article detailing some of the larger band and fair organs in Paul Eakins' collection. Courtesy of the author, Ron Bopp.

Here is a nice article that appeared in a Sikeston, Missouri paper on August 9th, 1962, which shows Paul Eakins and Sid Frey from Audio Fidelity recording a Wurlitzer 105.

This one page write up was published in the FORD TIMES, from 1962. It shows a wonderful picture of Paul Eakins showing a family how the "Eakins Special" Nickelodeon worked.

Here is a nice color ad from St. Louis magazine for the Gay 90's Melody Museum.

This is another article on the Gay 90's Melody Museum with some great pictures of the museum.

This is a picture of where it all started. The La Paloma Bar where Paul Eakins found a Regina Music Box and a non working nickelodeon.

AMUSEMENT BUSINESS article on the sale of the collection, 1977.

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Here is a segment from the August 24, 1960 episode of "I've Got A Secret".  Paul Eakins was a guest contestant that evening.  He was the 2nd guest of the evening, in-between the man who had carrots in his ears and two fellows who arranged 421 blind dates a one time.  Gloria Swanson was the celebrity guest on this episode and she is seen in the end credits admiring the instruments on the stage. The show was hosted by Gary Moore. (Click on the picture to start the Youtube Video)



"THE RESCUES OF MADAM LAURA"  segment from Southern Routes from WKNO, the local PBS affiliate in Memphis, TN.


Watch a great video of THE GYPSY QUEEN playing "The Sidewalks of New York"



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